On your wedding day, you need to look picture perfect. Literally – picture perfect.  And, because beauty sleep may be hard to come by nights before your wedding due to the influx of nerves and excitement,  how do you get that bridal glow?   Bridal makeup pros share some of their best tips for brides to be…



1) Schedule a trial.   Have fun and try different looks until you find the perfect one (and learn a little something about makeup in the mean time). During your trial, ask for half of your face done as one look (or medium) and the other half another look. For a hair trial, bring your veil and headpieces.

2) Wait: Wait for an hour for the makeup to settle and see how your skin reacts to the makeup.

3)  Take photos: Take hi resolution photos of your trial immediately following and a few hours later and see how your makeup photographs.

4)  Go with a pro: Work with someone reputable and who has done wedding before, who knows how to apply long lasting, natural looking makeup that will look great on camera. Remember, your hair and makeup need to last all day and it needs to look flawless and camera ready. This is not something to scrimp on.

5)  Brows are very important. The right shape can really compliment your face. Brides should go at least once to a professional to shape them correctly, and after that can be self-maintained.

6) At home care.   Find a skincare regimen that works for you – the important thing is to care for your skin every day.  A Clairsonic is a fabulous investment in your skin.



1) Use primer. For flawless skin on your wedding day or any day use primer before applying your foundation. It makes your skin look smoother, reduces shine and helps your makeup stay on longer.

2)  Wear waterproof eyeliner and mascara on your wedding day. Theres a possibility you might cry and you don’t want to take a chance of anything black running down your face. Try “Mally Beauty”  volumizing waterproof mascara.

3) Use blotting sheets instead of powder to touch up shine throughout the day. Too much powder may make your face look cakey. “Clean and Clear” blotting sheets are great and affordable.

4) Pick one feature to accentuate. Makeup is about balance,  so if you prefer smokey eyes you should opt for a softer lip.

5) Consider  fake lashes. If you want to accentuate and open up your eyes (and look fabulous) don’t be afraid to try fake lashes. There are many different types, everything from individual lashes to dramatic strip lashes.

6) Don’t be afraid to cover up.  Ask your makeup artist to cover up any blemishes, marks or tattoos you may have on your face or body.

7) Use lip liner. For long lasting lip color fill in your lips first with a lip liner, then apply your lipstick and if you prefer a plump lip top it off with some lipgloss. A must have lipgloss is M.A.C’s  Plushglass  in “Ample pink”.

8) After you makeup is done make sure your face, neck and body all match. If you notice your neck is a little lighter than your face you can gently brush on some powder but be careful not to get it on your dress.


Special thanks to our contributors: Christina Amador Beauty; TV, Celebrity, bridal makeup artist, Victoria Toda: TV, bridal makeup artist

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