You may not realize it now, but there is a lot that goes into selecting the perfect wedding cake. From butter creams to fondants, cake fillings to cake toppers, there are a lot of decisions to make.  Professional cake artist Ann Alexander of Queen Anne’s Lace Cakes  shares four tips on selecting the perfect cake.


1) Your Cake as a Centerpiece: A wedding cake is the focal point of the reception, (aside, of course, from the newlyweds) and is often what many guests look forward to seeing the most. Along with the flowers and decorations, the cake sets the tone of the event. Discuss with your Cake Artist the message you want to send to your guests and how to achieve it through your cake selection. A cake can be classic or quirky, gorgeous or glamorous or just about anything in between. Firm up your vision and stay focused on it. Share all the elements of your design to make one cohesive whole.

2) Your Cake as a Work of Art: Choose your Cake Artist wisely. Talk to other brides, search the internet, attend a bridal show, visit a bakery, scour wedding sites and/or seek the advise of an event planner. Although reputation and years of experience mean a lot, don’t be afraid to try someone new who may bring fresh ideas and inspiration. The important thing is to work with someone who can understand your vision.

3) Your Cake as a Part of the Budget: “Quality versus quantity” and “You get what you pay for” are common expressions that can trouble a couple when planning their wedding. A higher price does not always mean a superior quality and bigger is not always better. Decide first on how important the presentation of the cake is to you. Does it need to be dramatic? Would a multi-tiered cake overpower the room? Are sugar flowers too much for a casual couple? Would a small fluffy cake go unnoticed in a banquet hall? Is there room and lighting to support a large scale full-circle cake table? Is there money enough in the budget for cake and other desserts or will you need to choose? Consider the option of a fake cake which can sometimes allow you the look of a grande cake on a smaller budget.

4) Your Cake as the Sweet Ending to your Event: You should not have to choose between a great tasting cake and a beautiful one. Find an artist that bakes as well as they decorate. Keep in mind that taste is very personal and be sure to have a cake tasting that includes your favorite flavors. If both of you adore an unusual flavor which you worry others may not enjoy, consider choosing that one for your top tier and choosing a more common choice for your guests. Another option is to offer two flavors for each slice, one layer of traditional and one less ordinary. This can also be visually beautiful as well, allowing for color options to be portrayed through the cake. For many couples, the wedding cake is like a sweet gift from them to their guests. Make it special.

Special thanks to our contributor: Ann Alexander, Queen Anne’s Lace Cakes 

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