Engagement photos serve as the official debut of the two of you as a couple and allow your loved ones to experience your relationship and personality.  Plan your engagement photos around your love story, your relationship and now your family together, including your pets!  Tamra Sanford of  Ever Swoon shares her secret tips for engagement photos, as well as her own fabulous photos from her own shoot!

1. Enjoy some champagne together before hand.  Toast to your engagement!  This could help you both feel less stiff during the shoot as well.  Relax, enjoy, and have fun!

“With my Boston Terrier Bella.  Taken in front of our apartment on the street we live on, which also happens to be the same street we first met at (friends brought us to lunch at a restaurant)”


2.  Instead of focusing on props and themes, think about your relationship, think about each other, and ask yourself these questions.

- How did you meet?
- What are your favorite moments together when you starting dating?
- How do you spend your time together? Any traditions? Favorite activities?
- Where are your favorite places? Choose locations that you are comfortable in, or places that you often go to.
- Do you have pets together? Include them! “Fur babies” are big parts of your life together and make your story unique and come to life on camera.

The answers to these questions will help guide you to creating a session that allows the photographer to capture your love story. It is important to plan and discuss the session before hand, and have fun with it!

“Photo taken in one of our favorite restaurants that you can find us sitting at on many a night.”   


3. How about pets? If you include your pets, take photos with them in the beginning and then make sure a friend is with you so they can watch them while you finish up your photo shoot.


Special thanks to our contributer:  Tamra Sanford, Ever Swoon (Wedding and Event Planning and Styling), Manhattan

Photography by Brian Dorsey Studios

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