Bachelorette party games are the best ice breakers, especially when gal friends who don’t necessarily know each other all come together to toast to the bride to be.  Its a great way to get everyone laughing, drinking and celebrating. We remember spending hours searching for the perfect games to play at a friend or sister’s bachelorette party,  always disappointed with overly-cheesy or over the top game ideas.   So, we had some fun creating our top ten bachelorette party game list – inspired from some of our own favorite party games and a little bit of creativity.

1. Love Songs: Each girl has 10 seconds to name a song with the word “Love” in it. The first person who cannot think of a song within the time limit has to drink!  Tip: Be sure to have prizes – lipgloss, nail polish, a Starbucks gift card or gourmet chocolate bar make for great prizes.

2. Bring a Gift: Each guest has to bring one wrapped gift for the bride. The bride has to guess which girl gave her which item. If she gets it right, the guests drink. If she guesses wrong, the bride takes a drink. Tip: Don’t try to throw the bride off too much (you want her to remember her party!) 

  • Lingerie is always the perfect gift.
  • Nail Polish with a sexy name
  • Lipstick
  • Something for the honeymoon: a colorful cuff, a pair of earrings, or a cocktail ring

3. Guess the celebrity spouse: You’ll need to print out a copy of this list of famous ladies and a few pens for the girls to fill out. Tip: Read lots of US Weekly to prepare!

4. How well do you know your fiancé?  Ask the groom beforehand and get his answers, and then have the bride answer these questions. She takes a sip with every wrong answer. Tip: I love this game because it is so customizable and funny when you find the perfect questions for the couple.

  • What is the last thing he does before going to bed?
  • Fill in the blank. He has more _____ than anyone I know.
  • Three adjectives to describe him.
  • What object can he not live without?
  •  If he could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • What is his guilty pleasure?
  • His idea of a perfect date?
  • How does he unwind?
  • What is his most embarrassing moment?

5. Photo Scavenger Hunt:  For the more adventurous party goers, try this wedding scavenger hunt: in teams of 2-4,  gals need to find the items on this list and take a picture of them.  The first team to complete the list gets a prize. Tip: For those of you living in New York, San Francisco or Palo Alto Drink and Hunt offers scavenger hunts specifically for Bachelorette parties.

6. Wedding Pictionary: Play this classic game in two teams. Click here to print out some wedding-related cards.  Tip: Have some markers and paper handy and get ready to shout!

7. Bachelorette Party Scrapbook: Each guest creates a page in a book during cocktail hour for the bachelorette. Tip:  Many guests may not want to take to much time doing this as they would prefer to socialize, so be sure to keep it simple.  Here are some ideas on what you could include in the scrapbook…

  • Ask guests to bring their favorite photo of them with the bride
  • How did you meet?
  • What song reminds you of the bride?
  • Three words to describe the bride?
  • A funny memory
  • Wedding advice for the bride
8. Eat me, drink me, hug me: Blindfold the bride and have a few laughs as she plays a variation of this popular guessing game. Keep in mind: It’s up to you if you want to be nice or slightly naughty.
    • Eat me: Bride needs to identify various food items. Nice: different cupcake flavors and other sweet treats | Naughty: relish with tomatoes, carrots with hot sauce and other less than appetizing food combinations
    • Drink me: Identify the drink. Nice: Wine tasting | Naughty: Vodka with beet juice, soy sauce with rum and other questionable combinations
    • Hug me: Guess who is hugging the bride. This is always nice, although we suppose if you want to be naughty there are a lot of creative and funny ways to throw off the bride.

9. Let’s Play Dressup: The bride opens a surprise beautifully wrapped box with an outfit and accessories to wear for the night. Nice: Something sweet and sexyNaughty: Something embarrassing, frilly and, of course, phallic. Guess what?  My ‘maids did this to me, and although it was embarrassing at the time, it makes for fabulous memories and pictures. 
10. Where did you first meet?   The bride needs to recall how she first met each friend.   Tip: This is a great way for gal friends from all the stages of the bride’s life to get to know a little bit more about one another, and an easy ice breaker to get the games rolling!

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