Spring is just around the corner and there is nothing better than sipping on a refreshing, colorful cocktail.  Not only will your guests enjoy these delicious beverages, but the colorful drinks garnished with a touch of fruit add a beautiful and personal touch to your decor.  We spent some time bartending at the office, and came up with these four tried and tested cocktails that are sure to be a hit at a shower, bachelorette, or wedding festivity.

Grape Fizz


1 part Club Soda
1 part white grape juice
1/2 part Vodka (adjust to your taste)
Frozen Green grapes on kabob
Serve in: A beer glass or any long thin glass
Why we love it:  It’s a functional drink – the frozen grapes act like ice.  And, it’s such a simple cocktail to put together that will look stunning on a bar – imagine a whole table of them! You can even use purple grapes for more variety.


Your favorite Champagne
Raspberry (or any berry of your liking)
Serve in: A champagne glass! Garnish with a raspberry on the rim, or drop the berry into the cocktail and let it float.
Why we love it: It’s an incredibly simple way to spruce up the classic toasting drink.  And, we especially love how the berry bleeds into the champagne to give it that perfect pinkish hue and ever so slight berry flavor. Besides, you can never go wrong with a glass of bubbly at a wedding.

Orange Martini

2 parts orange juice
1/2 part triple Sec
1 part Vodka
Splash of Simple Syrup
Fresh thyme sprig
Serve in: A martini glass with a sprig of fresh thyme
Why we love it:  The cocktail’s pop of color will look stunning as a part of your decor for spring and summer festivities.  And, the thyme gives it that perfect finishing touch.


Ingredients: 4 Lemons
1 quart water
1/2 cup white sugar
Pinch of salt
1 sliced strawberry (frozen)
Serve in: a mason jar
Why we love it: It’s no secret that we love mason jars, and combine that with lemonade, strawberries, and a cute twine bow? Perfection.

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