There is nothing cuter than watching the littlest members of the wedding party walk down the aisle. However oftentimes, getting them down the aisle is a task in itself.  Being mothers ourselves, we racked our brain for activities and unique ideas on how to get our little girls to cooperate for a wedding photo shoot.  And the answer we can up with was…on wheels!  A trip down the aisle on a wagon would make for a fun time, great pictures, and lots of smiles.

We took it upon ourselves to re-finish an old Radio Flyer Wagon to get it “wedding ready” for our shoot. Here’s what we did, and behold the final product.

1. Take the wagon apart with a wrench or pliers. Remove all the nuts and bolts holding the front and rear wheel yokes to separate it from the main part of the wagon. If the bolts are old and rusty and you are unable to remove them (as ours were), cover the wheel yoke with blue tape. Cover the wheels with plastic. This will keep the yoke from getting spray paint on it.

2. Clean and Sand. Using an old rag, wipe any loose paint and flaking rust off from the wagon body. Use 100 or 120 Sandpaper to sand off the inside and tops of the wagon to remove the rust.  If you have a sander, even better! It took us about ten minutes to sand the inside and rails of the wagon using a sander. Use paint thinner on an old rag to wipe the wagon body and remove any remaining loose flakes/paint.

3. Prime. Apply a coat of white spray primer to the rusted areas and any other areas that are missing paint. Allow this to dry for about 15-20 minutes.

4. Spray Paint.  Apply the first coat of spray paint.  We used Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray paint in Satin Ivory. Hold the can 8 to 10 inches from the surface.  Move the can from left to right in stroke-like motions and be sure to keep it moving to prevent puddling, runs or drips. Allow the paint to dry according to label recommendations between coats.  We recommend spraying two or three coats of white spray enamel, letting the paint dry in between coats.  Since the wagon was red, we applied three coats on ours to ensure the red didn’t show through.

5. Paint Parts. Paint or spray paint wagon spokes black so that the whole wagon looks re-finished and clean.

6. Reassemble and embellish.  Allow the paint to dry and reassemble the wagon.  Add cushions to the bottom, tulle, or flowers.  Baby’s breath are a cheap and easy way to make the wagon look stunning, especially for an outdoor wedding.  

Like the ideas of flower girls and ring bearers coming down the aisle on wheels?  Here are other ideas of wheeled items that we think would be very cute at a wedding, and that can all be transformed into a beautiful “wedding vehicle” for kids of all ages.

  • Little Tykes Car (you could even add a sign “just married” for the recessional)
  • Trikes (little ones can pedal or get pushed by another member of the wedding party)
  • Scooters (older ring bearers)
  • Umbrella strollers (for the little ones)
  • Old fashioned stroller (for a vintage feel)
  • Moses basket on wheels (newborns)


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