Props allow people to let loose, get silly, and make for great photos. We love the idea of using a frame as a prop to capture cute pics of your wedding guests, or even for the wedding party!

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We decided to turn our latest obsession with frames into a DIY project, and it turned out to be quite simple – if you can handle getting a little messy!

1. Find the Perfect Frame. We wanted to find a frame that would work well with a “Backyard Shabby Chic” theme.  Here’s what we found at Michael’s for about $49.

2. Prime Frame. After wiping off any dust, apply a layer or two of primer onto the frame.

3. Spray Paint Frame. Apply two or three coats of spray paint onto the frame. Because of the detailing on the frame, we used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Ivory. Let dry.

4. Snap Away! Hold the frame horizontally, vertically, or at an angle. Or even hanging it on a fishing  line at there reception would be a cute idea for guests to pose behind!

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