These days flower girls can carry just about anything, but there is nothing like a whimsical flower ball to add character and a pop of color to your little girls’ look.  Pico Soriano, San Francisco Bay Area florist, showed us how to make the most stunning flower girl ball.  We were surprised by how easy it was (20 minutes total), and by how professional it looked!

A word of caution: Because of the pins, these are best suited for older girls and less for the curious and rambunctious toddlers who might attempt to tear your masterpiece apart before it makes its big debut.


Button Pom Poms:  These are precious blooms with a burst of color!  One stem has multiple blossoms.

Styrofoam ball: Find a size that will best suit your needs. We used a 6″ ball. You can find them at just about any craft store.

Pins: One pack of 100 (or more depending on the size of the ball you pick). You can use pearl head pins,  or bank pins that will hardly be visible.

Ribbon:  Select a color to match your color theme. We used Offray Wired Edge Arabesque Sheer Craft Ribbon, 1 1/2 inch wide.


1. Cut stems of the Pom Pom flowers.  Cut off the stems of the flowers so all you are left with is the bloom.

2. Pin the flower to the Styrofoam Ball. Place the flower upright on the ball and push the pin directly into the styrofoam.

3. Cover the ball with flowers.  Place flowers next to each other on the ball and pin them in. Make sure to leave no white space in between flowers.

4. Wrap ribbon around the ball.  Before placing too many flowers, loop your ribbon around the uncovered part of the ball and pin to the styrofoam with pins. Leave about 6 inches on top for straps for the flower girls to hold. You can tie the two ends together in a bow.  As you continue to put flowers on the ball, place them close together to make sure the ribbon is fully covered.

5. Cover entire ball and inspect.  After all flowers are in, make sure to inspect that all pins are secured tightly.  We suggest that older flower girls carry the ball for safety reasons. If you are having toddler flower girls, consider glue gunning the flowers on.   

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