It’s the party of your life and you want to make sure your guests have a great time from the get-go.  For those who want to get your guests involved in the party, here are a few fun ideas to consider:

1. GET TECHY. In this day in age, there literally is an app for everything.

  • Capture your guests’ photos: Candid photos of the night are often the best.  If you were considering using Polaroids on the tables, or just don’t feel like running after guests to email pictures to you, check out  Wedding Snap and Wedding Party. These iPhone and Android apps allow you to view your wedding through the eyes of your guests.  All guests need to do it download the free app and enter your album code and their photos will save them onto your online (shareable) album!
  • Create your own wedding app: Setup an app that functions as your official wedding app that not only serves as a mobile aide to guests but also allows for photo sharing and information tracking about the bachelorette party or other pre-wedding events, as well as day of events.   Picture CliqueAppy Couple.



Icebreakers aren’t for everyone and oftentimes, games will take some time and effort on the bride and groom’s part (and is not recommended for larger weddings). However, they are a great way to get the conversation flowing once your guests sit down for dinner.  Here are some non-cheezy and fun ideas.

  • Guess Who? On each plate or on the back of the menu card, write one ‘tidbit’ about a wedding guest seated at that table that people would normally not know. “Guess who was the bride’s freshman year roommate in college?”, “Guess who used to babysit the groom when he was a child?”, “Guess who auditioned for American Idol, but never made it through.” Guests then have to guess which person seated at the table matches that piece of trivia.
  • Celebrity Lookalikes: Print out a photo of celebrities that look like your guests on their plates or place cards. You could be way off with may of your guests, but it will surely get them talking!
  • Who has been married longest. We’ve seen this a few times, and it is always so heartwarming to celebrate those who have been married the longest. During a song, start out with all the married couples dancing, and have the DJ ask those who have been married 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years to sit down.  The couple who has been married the longest remains dancing and is applauded.
  • Out of town guests.  Ask all of your out of town guests not only to stand up to be acknowledged at the reception.  Afterwards, ask those who flew in to come up to the dance floor to get one extra thank you hug from the bride and the groom.
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