Wedding cakes have come a long way from the classic white cake.  Cake artists have really taken their creativity and design to the next level, adding texture and embellishments, playing with color, and creating masterpieces, to say the least.   But delicious as they must be, it’s heartbreaking to think about cutting into them! Here are some of our favorite trends in wedding cake artistry.



Just as bridal fabric is starting to pop off gowns these days, we are seeing so many fabulous cakes with amazing textured icing. A long way away from the ultra smooth fondant, these cakes boast ruffles to roses, crepe-like finishes to paper thin florets.

Peony Frill Wedding Cake: Red sugar peony adds a pop of color to this ruffled cake with black bows. Cake by Maggieaustincake. As pictured in Colin Cowie Weddings.

White Rose Wedding Cake:  Three tiers of cake in handmade, edible sugar petals to gently echo the shape of a French croquembouch. Cake by Sylvia Weinstock Martha Stewart Weddings. As pictured in Martha Stewart Wedding.

Pink Swirl Wedding Cake:  Pink and white ombre ruffled swirls finished with candied florets. As pictured in Style Me Pretty.
Purple Ruffled Ombre Wedding Cake:  a perfect combination of florettes, ruffles, and ombre. Cake by Maggieaustincake. As pictured in Colin Cowie Weddings.


The fading of color effect of ombre is so soft, subtle, and beautiful – and it’s one of our favorite trends in weddings!

Peach Ombre Wedding Cake: Vertical lines and peach ombre.  As pictured in Martha Stewarts Wedding.

Pink Ombre Wedding Cake: Red sugar peony adds a pop of color to this ruffled cake with black bows. Cake by Maggieaustincake. As pictured in  Cake Coquette,

White Wedding Cake with Orange Ombre Flowers: Orange candied ombre florets on white icing.  As pictured in The Event Firm.

Traditional Wedding Cake with Pink Ombre Flowers: Cascading ombre pink florals. As pictured in Martha Stewarts Wedding.


These cakes seem simple on the outside, but are from it on the inside. With colorful layers and patterns, the cake photographs even better when sliced!

Black and White Checkers: Textured white icing makes for the surprise checkerboard on the inside.  As pictured in Animamichel

Purple Ombre: Smooth fondant on the outside, purple ombre on the inside. As pictured in Wedding Etc. 


Cupcakes with Heart Filling:  A heart surprise when you bite in!  As pictured in Pasties and Petticoats.

White Wedding cake with ombre and chocolate filling: Sprinkles on the outside, surprise colorful layers on the inside. As pictured in The Sexy Knitter. 


Far from the soft and sweet wedding cakes, these cakes definitely make a statement with their bold colors and elaborate finishes.

Black and White: Wedding Cake.  Black and white alternating tiered cake with cascading florets.  As pictured on Pinterest.

Yellow and White Wedding Cake: Bold geometic designs on white cake. As pictured in Tumblr.

Multi Colored Wedding Cake: Layers of hand-painted flowers, rich chocolate and a red
ribbon are topped with a hand-made sugar flower. Cake by Maggieaustincake. As pictured in Colin Cowie Weddings.

Tangerine Wedding Cake: Bright tangerine orange with florettes. Cake by Ester Siswadi, Lead Cake Decorator at Colette Catering Extraordinaire. As pictured in Cake Central.

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