San Francisco based designer Amy Kuschel has been gracing the bridal scene since April 1999. Her gowns are nothing less than exquisite, each made with a perfect cut, and lines that flatter the female form. Her flagship San Francisco salon is bridal gown heaven for ladies in search of the perfect dress.  With it’s beautiful open atelier atmosphere, relaxed and elegant decor, team of consultants, stylists, and an on-site design team, (including Amy herself), the Amy Kuschel experience is 100% couture. And, the icing on the cake is that all the gowns made on the second floor of  her design studio, adding to an even more personable and couture experience for brides-to-be

We had the pleasure of asking Amy to tell us a little bit more about herself, her aesthetic, and her inspiration.

1. Three adjectives to describe my design aesthetic:

Elegant, modern, and feminine

2. When I was a child I wanted to become:

A veterinarian

3. The moment I knew I wanted to design wedding dresses:

…was shortly after designing my own wedding gown

4. The celebrity I would most like to dress for her wedding is:

Lauren Bacall for her wedding to Humphrey Bogart…if we could turn back time

5. What is your favorite wedding dress of all time?

I don’t have a favorite wedding dress of all time

6. In 50 years I imagine brides to be wearing:

Something that makes them feel special, something that radiates their personality and marks their place in time

7. The most romantic song of all time is:

possibly “Something” by the Beatles, written by George Harrison

8. My favorite trend in weddings this year is:

the use of texture and patterns.

9. When a bride tries on a dress, the three things she should be thinking about are:

1. Does this dress make me feel beautiful?

2. Does this style reflect my personality?

3. Can I afford to fall in love with it?

10. I come up with the names of the dresses in my collection:

…to highlight each design’s personality, to articulate the persona of the gown within the theme of the collection

Amy Kuschel San Francisco Flagship Salon

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