We were ecstatic to hear the news of our little sister’s engagement, and even more thrilled to see her so over the moon. But as we all know, wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming, so we’re giving Alessandra a forum to share, to vent and to document her journey to the altar. 



Ally’s Engaged: The Making of a Wedding Freak

“Guess what – BRY PROPOSED!!!” I screamed into the phone to my mom and sisters in a state of euphoria. As I was babbling away on the phone, I looked over at Bryant who was obediently on his computer changing our relationship status on Facebook, wondering if he had any clue what he was getting himself into. I am a wedding freak.

Full disclosure: I have been planning my wedding since I was 10.

Full full disclosure: I have actively been planning my wedding for months.

It happened as we were sipping on a glass of red one quiet evening in our apartment.  I’m not one for over-the-top grand gestures involving chocolates and rose petals- they’re a bitch to clean up and i’m trying to lose weight. No, Bryant’s proposal was simple and perfect – a declaration of love, a few tears, messy kisses, and of course a ring (more on that later).

And so, from the moment Bryant slipped that ring on my finger (or when I was 10 – I can’t remember), I proclaimed that my wedding was going to be the most fabulous wedding in the history of the world.  It is highly likely that I have already exhausted my friends, my coworkers even my laundry lady with all this endless wedding chatter. And for that, I am semi-sorry.

I’m becoming that girl, aren’t I?

Whatever – I’m enjoying my bridal moment. I have been pinning not stop, obsessively looking at amazing New York City venues, dreaming and scheming for the most glamorous and over the top party I could possibly imagine. From the New York Public Library to the Mondrian in Soho I have compiled my list of dream venues. Cost? Not my primary concern at the moment, thanks for asking.

Ok, Ok, I’ll step off of cloud nine for a minute.

Weddings are not cheap, especially in New York City and Bryant and I certainly cannot foot that kind of a bill on our own without going into a shitload of debt. Some of these venues are unconscionably expensive. So save for going to City Hall or a Vegas elopement, I did what any baby of the family would do – call dear old Dad and plead my case.

Upon sharing my brilliant plans on how I was going to save him all sorts of money, he sighed and said “Alessandra, I know you, and I know your wedding is going to cost me an arm and both legs no matter where you have it.” I wasn’t sure what to make of that statement. One one hand, I want my wedding to be a reflection of my style, my dream, and the relationship that Bryant and I have. On the other hand, I almost fully understand the value of financial responsibility .

As I pondered my situation, I received this email from my sister Rosanna:

Hmmm a destination wedding. It’s intimate yet elegant, luxurious without being over the top, and much more cost effective than my New York extravaganza. My sisters, both of whom had large weddings, have told me time and again – keep it small, keep it memorable. If they were to do it again they would definitely opt for something more low key.

Perhaps they are onto something.

Now, as I am mulling it over in my apartment on a lazy Sunday evening,  I hear a fire siren booming by my 2nd floor window and look out to see a junkie being hauled off on a gurney into a fire truck. Not a huge shock for an East Village local.  I think to myself – this city can be disgusting, dirty and the root of all my anxiety and stress.  But then again, New York is where I met and fell in love with my Bryant. We both came from halfway across the world and managed to find each other in this chaotic but beautiful mess. I love this city and I’ve grown to call it home because he is here with me.

And to be honest, I cant imagine marrying him anywhere else.


Alessandra Perez-Rubio has always loved art, design and style. She is a graphic designer by day and the creative brains behind Idojour. She lives in New York City with her brand new fiance, Bryant. 

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