Talking about church is not very exciting, but I am going to discuss it anyway.

Only because this is the one major recent development since last week, Rosanna ridiculously DEMANDS an article every week (editor’s note: every OTHER week), and I know you don’t want to hear me blather about my pintrest boards (100 pins!!!).  Anyway, since Bryant and I both have devoutly catholic mothers, and we have somehow inherited their unwavering Catholic faith (… guilt), I had to find a church venue before even thinking about locking down a date at a reception venue.

(Notice that I said “I” and not  “We” because I got no help with this, THANKS BRY.) Do I sense a pattern going forward?

That’s ok we’ll forgive Bry for now because I didn’t have to look too far for a solution in the form of a brilliant suggestion by a friend of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral. For those of you who are not familiar, it’s where Alec Baldwin married  his yoga instructor. Being the celeb obsessed junkie that I am (no point denying it SORRY) I looked no further.  I walked by the cathedral a few weeks ago and I was blown away – the gorgeous stained glass, the chandeliers, the dim lighting… it was amazing.

Major bonus points: this place has cathedral status!

Additional bonus points: I can save money on flowers, this place needs no extra decor.

One minor detail.

We have to become parishioners.

I called the wedding coordinator at the church who launched into a series of questions about how often I attend mass (never) and what parish I belong to (don’t have one).  And I’ll spare you the details of the judgey eyes for our “cohabitation”. I was fully prepared to be  slut-shamed for living with my fiancé during the interview, but thankfully she politely ignored the fact that we are living in sin and we were accepted.

In earnest, I don’t want to sound flighty or ignorant about the significance of this process. I consider myself to be a spiritual person and these values are more important to me than most people know, even if I’m not diligent about practicing it.  Byrant and I both want to have a Catholic wedding – not just for our parents or for the tradition, but for ourselves as we begin our life together.

So now I have one thing to check off my growing list of to-do’s. Cathedral?  Check.

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