We all have different body types (click to see what body type you are) and assets that we want to show off on our wedding day. We’ve looked at wedding gown silhouettes and today we explore the different wedding dress necklines, because every bride should know what type of dress will best enhance and flatter on their big day.

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Wedding dress necklines

Scoop: Rounded, typically with a low neckline

  • Ideal for: Any body type

Boat:  Also called a bateau or Sabrina neckline, a boatneck dress has a wide neckline that runs horizontally front and back, almost to the shoulder points and across the collarbone

  • Ideal for: Small busts
  • Not good for: Large busts

V-Neck:  Neckline shaped like the letter V

  • Great for: Pears and apples as they draw attention upwards, medium busts (B or C cups)
  • Not good for: Large busts (greater than a C cup)

Cowl: A neckline that looks like an unstructured, floppy turtleneck

  • Great for: Those with longer necks
  • Not good for: Petites

Halter: Fastens at the back of the neck, plunging down into a V-front, leaving the back bare. (both a neckline and a sleeve)

  • Ideal for: Apples and broad shoulders
  • Not good for: Narrow shoulders

Illusion: The illusion neckline, often thought of a conservative neckline (but is not limited to that), can be thought of as two necklines in one: a strapless neckline with a sheer panel of fabric that attaches to the bodice and extends upward, forming the second, higher neckline.

  • Ideal for: All body types

Sweetheart: Two curves that drop and meet in the middle of the bust

  • Ideal for: Decolletage
  • Not good for: Those with no decolletage

Strapless: Tube top style revealing the shoulders

  • Ideal for: Pears, bananas (showcase smallest part of torso), apples, women with great shoulders and collarbones
  • Not good for: Smaller breasted women

Sketch Credits: Scoop,  Flickr; Boat,  Gucci; V-Neck  Vera Wang, Cowl as seen on Made by Anatomy , Halter as seen on The Wedding Boutique, Illusion as seen on Brides, Sweetheart as seen on The Knot, Strapless as seen on Best News Now








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