If you love drinking wine as much as we do, then you’ll enjoy this simple DIY project for wine bottle table numbers. It’s cheap, easy, and we have a free printable to help simplify the process!

1. Save your empty bottles of wine. Make sure they are the same general size and color. You’ll need one for how ever many tables you have set up at your wedding reception.

2. Soak the uncorked wine bottles in hot water for 20-30 minutes. 

3. Peel the labels off, front and back. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to handle the parts that won’t come off.

4. Clean off the remnant labels. Some wine bottle labels will peel off more easily than others. For the parts you can’t get off, simply get a damp rag, a razor blade and a bottle of Goo Gone liquid adhesive remover (its $4.89 at Walgreens). With a rag and some Goo Gone, gently rub the label until the paper comes off. Use your razor blade for the extra stubborn parts.

5. Clean and dry off with a towel. Your wine bottles are ready to be spruced up!

6. Print out the wine bottle labels on white full sheet labels (we used the Avery full sheet shipping labels for laser printers). Make sure the labels are compatible with your printer. Click here for a free printable template!

7. Cut and paste. With a paper cutter, cut the label edges to fit the length and width of your wine bottle. Peel off the sticker and paste the label onto your bottle of wine!

8. Add embellishments. Whether it be a single stem flower, branches or candles, spruce up your table number with a little decorative embellishment for that final touch.

DIY wine bottle table numbers

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