Pinwheels are an easy and fun DIY projects that can play a number of parts in your wedding day decor.  We love that depending on the paper you choose, your pinwheels can look vintage, whimsical, or even modern.  Whether you punch holes in them to hang at different lengths over your dessert table, or create different size wheels to make an eye catching table runner, these fun wheels are a great addition to your decor.



Step 1 (Row 1): To add color to plain white paper, we decided to hand stamp the sheets to give them a nice soft detail. When stamping, don’t worry about it looking perfect.

Step 2 (Row 2): Start off by folding the sheet of paper in ¾” in increments and rotate from top to bottom. The folds will be acordian-like.

Step 3 (Row 3):  Fold the paper in half and gather towards the middle where the ends meet. Use the regular scotch tape (preferably use the matte kind and not the glossy one) to secure the middle section

Step 4 (Row 4): Repeat these steps for each individual piece. Use the doublesided tape, and add a 1 inch strip to the ends (toward the center) and secure all the ends of where each fan meets with regular tape!

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