I recently went to a little girl’s birthday party that had the most beautiful Cinderella themed cake. Actually, it was a simple blue cake that had a few creative props to give the cake some pop and really wow all the little girls (and mommies) at the party. It got me thinking about wedding cake toppers and thus I began the search for creative, unique and inexpensive toppers, decorations and embellishments for the wedding cake.

Names & Monograms: From initials to monograms to your full name, personalized wedding cake toppers are everywhere and we love it and highly recommend Etsy to find one that matches your style .  (April Hiller Designs, BetterOffWed, ItsInGlitter)

Animals: From lovebirds to doves, there is so much symbolism when it comes to animals. (BHLDN, Skye Art, Herend)

Picks: Just like candles, you can stick just about anything onto the top of your cake from flags and signs to glitter hears and even flowers. (Detroit Paper CompanyWilton, MichieMay)

Wedding Cake Topper Picks

Paper: For the DIY lover, paper cake toppers are a fun project to try. Add some colorful paper poms, pinwheels or flowers to your cake for an easy, gorgeous looking wedding cake.  (Pinwhirls, JojoBeanDesignsThe Green Vase)

Bride & Groom Figurines: Ah, yes, the bride and groom cake topper. You can find anything from vintage to romantic to silly.

Twigs & Branches: For a woodsy, Midsummer Night’s Dream type of effect, consider using branches or twigs whether they be live, sandblasted or edible!. (DriftingIdeasAndieSpecialtySweets)

 Jewelery/Tiaras: Why not add an actual tiara, family heirloom or piece of jewelry to the top of your wedding cake? (DecoratingStudio)

Crystals: Add a bit of sparkle with crystal cake accessories from sprays, studs and brooches to any sort of shape. (ShopByApril, CoutureCakeJewelry, FavorsBy Serendipity)

Lights: A single candle might be a bit too birthday, but we love the idea of sparklers, candles and lights on your cake to give it a festive or romantic glow.


Other cake decor ideas to consider…

Ribbon: It’s an easy way to add color to the base of your cake. You can buy some unique and beautiful ribbon from TinselTrading.com or CoutureCakeJewelry.com.

image: weddingck.com

Candy: Why not add more sweets to the cake? Press on candy to the side or top of the cake, or add some white or colorful gourmet candy to a vintage dish like this Martha Stewart cake.

Image: Martha Stewart.com

Fresh fruit: Cherries, strawberries, golden berries or just about any fruit you want make for colorfully unique wedding cake toppers and decorations.

Image: Planet Cake

Fresh flowers: Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? They are a beautiful way to add some pops of color to your cake.

Image: Wedding-Cakes-For-You.com

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