Question. How many browsers do you have open right now?  How many devices are within arm’s reach? How tempted are you to stop reading this article to check email or Facebook or StyleMePretty?

We’re wedding planning in an age where constant connectivity and instant feedback is the norm. We post a question on a forum and receive a reply within minutes. We refresh our favorite blog and a fancy new post has gone live. And our Pinterest boards – well there’s no limit to how much time we can spend on those. It’s expected. It’s addicting. And we rationalize this behavior. “It’s my wedding damnit and I’ll obsess as much as I want to!”

So with a list of a hundred things to do and another hundred to buy, it’s no wonder wedding planning is so overwhelming. And no wonder it seems like we never get anything done.



For the stressed out bride who needs a minute to disconnect and get back on track, allow me to propose (haha) something – Do one thing at a time.

It’s easy in theory, extremely difficult to execute. Trust me. I’m the ultimate hyper-connected millennial.

“But I pride myself on being a great multi-tasker!”, you say. “I thrive on pressure!”. Yes, we all do. And that’s exactly how things go from controlled to crazy. And one thing your wedding should not be is crazy.



Maybe, just as an experiment, you create a new type of wedding ‘to do’ list. Don’t put more than 5 things on it and that includes time for blogs, Pinterest and forums. Start with the most difficult task, or the one that’s the least fun for you and focus on that and only that. Crush it. Resist the urge to let distractions get the best of you (and they will be more enticing and beautiful than every before). Once it’s done, move on to the next item on your list, and then the next. And once you are done with your 5 things, please, be done with all things wedding for the day.

Try it just for today, and maybe tomorrow too.  Give it your best. Chances are, you won’t be perfect, but maybe – just maybe, you will become a little more efficient, a little more calm and a little more sane. A welcome thing, one would think, amidst the craziness of wedding planning.

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