Part 1 of our series discussed the critical steps. 

Part 2 discussed the meat of the planning logistics. 

All you have left now are the details, many of which are optional from DIY projects to music selection, seating charts, programs, favors, table numbers etc. It can be as difficult or complicated as you make it out to be and comes down to how much you are willing to take on yourself vs. delegate to your vendors, family and friends. Regardless, this will be a busy process for you.

And so, in the spirit of remaining calm, efficient and productive, here are some key tips to help get you through the last few weeks before the big day.

1. Write a daily to do list. Hopefully you will already have a checklist that will have all of your key to do’s ironed out and your priorities in check. But don’t put more than 5 things on your to do list for that day.

2. Do one thing at a time. Many of us pride ourselves on being excellent multi-taskers. We have 8 browsers open including Facebook and Pinterest and are constantly checking our email or refreshing our favorite blogs or forums. But it is crunch time now, and you need to stay focused.  Start with the most difficult task, or the one that’s the least fun for you and focus on that and only that. Resist the urge to let distractions get the best of you. Once it’s done, move on to the next item on your list, and then the next. And once you are done with your 5 things, be done with all things wedding for the day.

3. Embrace technology. This is one of those times where technology will be your best friend. There are so many apps, websites and blogs that can help you plan, shop, craft and spread the word, so use it!

4. Ask for help. Chances are, you won’t be able to take everything on singlehandedly, so enlist the help of your fiance, mom, sibling, bridesmaids or wedding vendors to help you out. Some people will be willing and eager to help out and others, not so much. Don’t hold it against them and turn it into a point of tension, just accept help where you can get it and be gracious about it.
At the end of the day, don’t forget what this is all about. Amidst all of the craziness, logistics, personalities and emotions, your wedding is supposed to be a happy event, a celebration of love and commitment and the beginning of an incredible journey as a married couple.
The simple choice to try to remain positive, calm, and centered will make a difference.

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