A lot of brides wonder why it’s so darn expensive to get your wedding hair makeup done. Why vendors charge double to work on the brides (versus the rest of the wedding party). And how to go about putting your wedding day look together with someone you trust.

  • What are you paying for anyway? Your hair and makeup need to last all day and it needs to look flawless and camera ready. You need to be picture perfect. Literally. Hair and makeup artists typically charge prices that are in line with their local competition.
  • Go with a pro: Work with someone reputable and who has done wedding before, and better yet, works on weddings for a living. You need someone who knows how to apply long lasting, natural looking makeup that will look great on camera AND who is reliable, punctual and professional. Same goes for hair.
  • Hit the mall: A lot of people working at the makeup counter in department stores are available for hire for weddings and are actually quite in demand. You can meet them in person, admire their work and chat with a few potentials at the same time.
  • Do a trial: Ask for half of your face done as one look and the other half another look – bring your inspiration photos and ideas to use as a starting point. For a hair trial, bring a photo of your dress, and bring your veil and and any hairpieces you are considering.
    • Wait: Wait for an hour for the makeup to settle and see how your skin reacts to the makeup. Leave your hairdo as is for several hours to see how movement and time respond. Dance around, go outside, shake your head.
    • Take photos: Take hi-resolution photos of your trial immediately following and a few hours later.
  • Ask for discounts & perks that you might be able to take advantage of: The most common discount is a lower fee if you get 3 or more people (i.e. bridesmaids) doing hair & makeup as well. If they don’t budge on price, ask for a free trial, eyebrow shaping, fake eyelashes or ask to waive their travel fee if travel is involved. The worst they can say is no.

Questions to Ask When Interviewing Potential Hair and Makeup Artists

  • How long have you been doing bridal hair/makeup?
  • What kind of education/training have you done?
  • How many weddings have you done in the past year?
  • Will you be doing my makeup or do you have an assistant/team?
  • Will you have multiple brides on my wedding day?
  • Can you show me a portfolio of some of the real weddings?
  • Do you offer trials?
  • How large a bridal party can you accommodate and how long does it take to complete each girl?
  • Will you travel to my location and if so, is there an extra charge? What space/materials will you be requiring?
  • What is your plan if you become ill or some emergency crops up?
  • What products do you use? Airbrushing? False eyelashes? Waterproof mascara? Long lasting lipstick or hairspray? Eco/natural products?
  • What happens if I (or someone in my wedding party) don’t like how I look?

Contract Tips

  • What fees are involved? Include any potential additional fees: things such as early call times, transportation, parking or delays will likely be included in the contract.
  • Location and time of arrival
  • Number of people being worked on and by whom
  • Are there any un-forseen expenses that could crop up such as gas, additional services etc?
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – what if for some reason, you or someone in your wedding party does not like the wedding look. Can you re-do it? Will there be an additional charge?

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