There’s a funny scene in the movie Tangled where Rapunzel experiences life outside of her tower for the first time. She feels tremendous joy and elation and fear and guilt at the same time.

That’s what wedding planning seems like to us. The ups and the downs and all the emotions mixed into one 45 second montage. You can’t wait to start planning but are totally overwhelmed. You love and loathe Pinterest at the same time. You are sick of hearing yourself talk about the wedding but you just can’t stop. Weddings – it’s the source of your joy, energy, excitement and stress.

Idojour is about planning a wedding amidst the chaos, clutter and drama. It’s about showing brides and grooms how to get started, stay organized and keep calm – simply and practically. And fun. You gotta have fun.

A lot of brides and grooms struggle to keep it together. Your to-do list never ends, the number of decisions to make are infinite and some of the people you have to deal with drive you nuts. Sometimes you want someone to magically appear and just tell you what to do. Or better yet, do the work for you.

Unfortunately we don’t have any magic wedding elves to unleash, but we do break the wedding game down into easy to handle, bite-sized chunks. How to start. Where to shop. What apps to use. How to cope. We even have some lovely handmade accessories from our amazing network of designers and craftspeople. We experiment on ourselves to see how else we can crack the wedding planning code.

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Who are you anyway?

We are Rosanna and Vanessa. We’re sisters. We live in California, are married to the loves of our lives and have a couple of little kids of our own. We have been writing about and obsessing over weddings (and engagement rings!) for four years and have read more wedding planning books and blogs than we care to count. We love what marriage symbolizes. It’s such a special time. We love talking to glowing brides and grooms. Our goal is to help that glow stay ever present throughout the wedding planning process.

So thank you for visiting Idojour. It is a true labor of love and we are always eager and happy to hear from brides, vendors, friends and readers alike. Email us at or