Your body type is the overall silhouette of your body, or the contours of your body relative to your waistline. In other words, it’s how your bust, waist and hips are in proportion with each other.

Banana:  Bananas vary little in shoulder, waist and hip measurements and often have an athletic or slim build. They are also known as the “ruler”, “column”, or “rectangle” body type.

Pear: Pears usually carry their weight below their waist in their buttocks and thighs. They are also known as: “the inverted triangle” body type.

Apple: Apples normally carry their weight above the waist. They tend to be busty and can also carry some weight in the stomach area. They are also known as: the “triangle” body type.

Hourglass: Hourglass figures are curvaceous with a full bust and hips and a defined waist.

Plus: full figures, usually size 14 or 16 clothing

Petite: Smaller overall proportions, smaller frames.  Usually 5”3’ or less.